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Sandy H Marianne K Beth S Jos W Jon Wagenseller
Peter H
Brett S Jussi Brett Bill F Jen Liz C Nicole j JOE R Jack M paul b Andy Tom K Kim O Fran D John M Jay D Pat A Gerry C Diana P Meg M Diana p [2] Jodi N Pete W Perry O Akiko K Lynn H Ravi B Dean C Eric B Sarah U Derek M Paul G Shawn D Andrew B Peter T Kimberly M Maureen G Mike J Mikel D Ann F Dave M Susan H Jim D Ann M Linda B Kathi G Michael L Tabitha J Claudia E Jodi S Rick K Sue G Sue G [2] Jeanine A Dorsey W Ken A Mark M Bill K Nancy S MaryEllen S Dan P Marc C Debbie S Paul Mc Joe Mac Ginny C Steve M Diane C Lynn P Jay N Andrea F Steve B Deb A Colleen F Michael R Frank S Frank M Patricia Gail S Rithy P Kevin G Bill W Sylvie F Peggy B Will S Ann M [2] Margie R Susan k Pat s Sandy C Paul G [2] Angelo L Nancy K Jim A Rich L Meave F Lisa O susan k [2] Chris-Anne L John P Elaine M Grace B Grace B [2] Keith S Tony I Joanne B Bertha S Lisa F Christine H Dave P Sheldon B Jack M [2] Gale M Susan M Gail b Jack H Ann S Mary Ann Anne D Bob T Perry O [2] Pat H Erik B Beverly B Bruce E Louise L George A George A [2] Trisha N Nancy B Anita A Mark C Michael O Daniel O Sue V Leo S Cindy R Scottyd April H Rob Kevin Tracy K Walter A Walter A [2] Steve S Manny B Paul R Paulette B Megan Frank W Michael C Jack F M Thomas D Mary Gaz Paul K Sheila M Laura P Chris M Bee R Christine G Christine G [2] Dawn S Matt P Jane S Heidi P Terri A Fred N Lois W Wendy G Wendy G [2] Wendy G [3] Chris O Mary Kenyon Pete f Cliff T Karen Geri R Gary P Danny P Christopher B Soon-Ae B Mary J Mary J [2] Jim H James L Maureen g [2] kerry Mac Bob S Linda J David S john f Chris O [2] Jason S Jackie T Douglas W Dianalee54 Robert F Hans H Hans H [2] Hans H [3] Hans H [4] Mark K jon w Nancy B [2] Roger L Jack M [3] Pete greg meallo Camille M Kevin P Ann A Jack A Stephanie Hans H [5] Zappa Ellie H Carol Gayle L Clarissa P Cathy H David D Terry R Ellen M Wayne W Bruce M Andrew B [2] Jessica R Lisa H Pat L Jan C Dorrie A Robert R Marc F Sue M Kerry R Kathy R Lisa H [2] Leigh M Mary B Jack K Katherine Craig C Marty R Diane F Tim B Rose R Bob g Alexandra T Denise S Liz m Frank Jeanne L Mario L Ryan B RUE SueW Ray L Peggy K John B Charlene R Mike S Andrea C Rober Derek c Amy D Colette R Denise F Fred K Ken C Mark B Nancy M Karen G Amy C Robert K Kathy r [2] Karen V Theresa b Lisa W Justin s Kumar R Santhosh D Mark R Maureen A Meg M [2] Debra C Mim M Pam K Michael T Cheryl P Gretchen B Kathie C Deborah S Lois D Glenn Marilynn P Debi H Nate H Pam K [2] Cindy P Jack R Pamela M Bob J Jackie W Karen C Kristen C Susan F Marianne M Janet J Kim C Liz M [2] Andrea C [2] Debbie H Melissa R

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How many players came in last Monday evening?

Melissa, profile photo

Starland is considering eliminating Monday night Drop In because the numbers are low. We are competing with a packed basketball and volleyball schedule. If you want to keep an evening option on the schedule participation needs to increase.


We had a total of 14 for 3 courts on Mo. 10/7 of which 12 were int/adv players.

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Contact person 0 0
Visitors 1
Total In 5 Out 1
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Beginners/Int Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 09:00 AM 0 0
AM Int/Adv Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 09:00 AM 1 0
Evening Adv/Int Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 07:00 PM 5 1
Beginners/Int Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 09:00 AM 0 0
AM Int/Adv Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 09:00 AM 3 1

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